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Navigating Through Volatility Webinar Series

Clients, Colleagues, Business Partners & Friends, As you know from our recent newsletter, we are providing several resources for businesses and individuals to help navigate this coronavirus pandemic AND prepare for when business ramps back up. Manufacturing and supply chain professionals have a particularly challenging job as we navigate [...]

Weathering the Covid-19 Pandemic’s Impact on the Global Supply Chain – Alan Dunn

The Strategic Use of Data

Have you thought about the strategic use of data? If not, you are missing a HUGE opportunity. Even in the most fundamental of businesses, having the 'right' data at the 'right' time in the 'right' place can not only enable quicker, more effective decision making but it can transform [...]

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The Future of Manufacturing Is Bright: Harvey Mudd Takes 1st Place in Global Student Case

As President of APICS Inland Empire, one of my favorite activities is encouraging students. We encourage students of all of our local universities to participate in plant tours, symposiums and student case competitions to learn about manufacturing and supply chain as well as to expand their professional network. Our [...]

The Talent / Skills Gap & My Request to You

August 14, 2019 Several years ago, we performed research on the Skills Gap in conjunction with APICS Inland Empire. We found that 87% of manufacturers, distributors and significant service operations were experiencing a skills gap at that time. Fast-forward six years, and the business environment seems quite similar yet [...]

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