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Getting Out of the Weeds to See the Forest

August 2, 2017 Lately, I've been working with several clients who are interested in "getting out of the weeds" so that they can see the forest.  In a few cases the last few weeks, we have talked about strategy and reviewed key information about customers, demand, supply and financials. [...]

The Million Dollar Project Manager

Project managers drive initiative results yet they aren’t often treated with the respect nor given the support they need to thrive. Published in "Project Times" website, November 14, 2016 Click here for original article. In our experience working with manufacturers and distributors from small, family-owned businesses to medium-sized, private [...]

Keeping the Big Picture in Mind

It’s natural to get lost in the day-to-day project details. Schedule weekly reminders to make sure team members are keeping sight of the big picture.I’ve been focused on an ERP system go-live this week with one of my key clients, and it reminds me that it is easy to [...]

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