The Importance of Being Top of Mind

Last week, I led my Ontario ProVisors group meeting.  It is a top notch group of trusted advisors I'm thrilled to lead - not only is it a great group of people (professional, smart and funny) but they also provide my clients with "just what they need when [...]

Do You See Your People as Assets or Expenses?

Take a few minutes to ponder this question: Do you see your people as assets or expenses?  We all might like to jump to the answer of assets but is it true?  A few questions to consider include:  If sales are down for the quarter, do you think about [...]

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New Orleans State of Mind

Published October 17, 2014 I arrived in New Orleans to speak at APICS 2014 on empowering and engaging employees, and so I'm in the New Orleans state of mind. Certainly, as my bio confirms, one of my favorite spots anywhere is Cafe du Monde. Where else do you have [...]

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