Women in Manufacturing & the Showing Up

May 14, 2018 Last week, I attended the inaugural Inland Empire Women in Manufacturing event. It was fun seeing old colleagues from throughout the years as well as meeting new ones. I especially enjoyed the key note speaker, Mrs. Anna Kan Chao who spoke about taking over her family [...]

Who Should You Follow?

Several situations have arisen recently that leads us to plead "choose wisely".  Examples abound on both sides of this topic.  Strong leaders attract top talent.  Weak and command and control leaders keep the weak and those close to retirement (in name only).  That is one of the things we [...]

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Carmel and Strategic Thinking

March 6, 2017 Earlier this week, I went to Carmel, California for a strategy session.  While there, I went to the Monterrey Bay aquarium and saw the California beauty after a winter season of a lot of rain (see the picture below for one of the fabulous views). Do [...]

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