CEO Summit

Do You Have Empowered Teams?

Making sure customers have the best service sometimes means loosening the reins and giving employees more freedom to make on-the-spot decisions. Lately, there has been a common theme at seemingly unrelated events - the importance of employee engagement and empowerment. Just in the last several weeks, it has come [...]

The Power of Connections and the CEO Summit

March 20, 2017 Earlier this week, I participated in the CEO Summit hosted by the University of LaVerne.  I moderated a session on leveraging the supply chain for growth and profitability (see one shot of us below), and I am a Board member for the College of Business and [...]

Lisa Anderson Named to Business College Board at University of La Verne

LMA Consulting Group’s Lisa Anderson named to the University of La Verne Board of College of Business and Public Management.Lisa Anderson MBA, CSCP, president of LMA Consulting Group has been named as a board member for the University of La Verne College of Business and Public Management (CBPM), which [...]

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