Thinking Long Term

Don’t be short-sided and make quick fixes that won’t be profitable over the long run. Take a longer, more strategic view, to grow a profitable business. We all know we should think long term. And we talk about thinking long term. But, do we actually think long term - [...]

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The Largest Newspaper Operations in the U.S. – the L.A. Times

August 17, 2016 Last week, I went on a fascinating tour of the L.A. Times operations.  It was quite impressive - and massive.  Did you know the L.A. Times has has the largest operation in the U.S.?  They print for the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and others in [...]

Our Competition is Complacency

May 5, 2016 I attended a conference for ProVisors (premier organization of senior-level trusted advisers) group leaders earlier today.  It was energizing to spend the day with top notch trusted advisers and leaders.  One of the speakers was talking about the power of collaboration vs. competition.  I've found this [...]

Organizational Review Can Yield Strategic Weapons

Have you put your organization under review to look for ideas and solutions that may be right in front of you? Take a step back and look for those strategic weapons with an eagle eye at improving performance and your bottom line. One of our favorite clients related to [...]

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