employee engagement

Do You Have Empowered Teams?

Making sure customers have the best service sometimes means loosening the reins and giving employees more freedom to make on-the-spot decisions. Lately, there has been a common theme at seemingly unrelated events - the importance of employee engagement and empowerment. Just in the last several weeks, it has come [...]

Why Does Employee Engagement Matter?

A disengaged workforce can cost you in productivity, profitability and lost customers. Engaging employees can be as simple as listening, giving feedback and removing obstacles to success Employee engagement was a hot topic during the "Company Culture as a Competitive Advantage" panel at the Drucker Supply Chain Forum.  Did [...]

Why Planning is at the Crux of Success

May 25, 2016 I just had a brainstorming session with one of my key clients about the integrated planning process - in essence, how demand and supply match up to ensure customer service (which is #1 for every client in today's environment), growth, and improved margins and cash flow. [...]

Empower Your People to GROW

When you empower your people with the right tools and decision-making, they take share in the ownership and business success. Businesses must capture opportunities rapidly to outpace their competition.  Thus, it is even more important to be the best at identifying, prioritizing, and implementing opportunities which will deliver bottom [...]

How to Effectively Engage Employees and Achieve Results

Great leaders know how to engage and empower employees to thrive in the new normal business economy. In my recent conversations with clients and business contacts, a common concern has emerged: How to leverage the recovery to grow the business and increase profitability. There is considerable uncertainty surrounding how [...]

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