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Why Executives Should Care About ERP Strategy

Incorporate ERP strategy discussions into executive meetings. It matters.Lately, we've been called into several clients with ERP challenges that directly impact business growth and success.  Do you desire profitable growth?  If so, add ERP into your strategic discussions. Would you delegate a decision that could literally "make or break" [...]

Design will Make or Break ERP Success

Take extra care to design your ERP system to make certain it works with every functional area of your business and to involve key people in the developmental decisions to ensure success.As several of my clients are building their systems infrastructure to better support their aggressive growth, it just [...]

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Can You Prevent ERP Implementation Chaos?

Achieve expected returns from your ERP implementation by following three keys to success.I've found that noticing and acting on trends can be a key to success from both a professional and personal perspective. Lately there have been plenty of trends to notice; however, a noteworthy one is that I've [...]

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