The Value of Alignment: Sales, Operations & Finance

Alignment might sound like a fluffy concept but it delivers bottom line results. Our most successful clients have achieved the most substantial results from alignment. Although SIOP (Sales, Inventory, Operations Planning) gets a wrap as a technical topic, in our experience, it is the alignment portion of SIOP that delivers [...]

A Human Capital Checkup

In honor of the Innovation Awards, it seems appropriate to discuss the critical importance of human capital.  Innovation occurs with the engagement and involvement of your people.  That's why there is a specific category of the Manufacturers' Council of the Inland Empire's innovation awards for just this topic.   Have [...]

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Vision Backed with BIG Goals & Leadership

SAP CEO Bill McDermott talked much more than just about data. One of his most compelling stories related to turning around Xerox's lowest performing division and ending the year as #1. Who says success isn't derived from leadership has his/her head buried in the sand. The keys Bill described [...]

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