Do You Treat Your People as Critical Assets to Your Success?

As several CEOs lament continually and as Steve Erickson, president of Corona Clipper, Inc. and UK Business Unit Group, said in our 2019 predictions document, talent is a hot topic in today's tight labor market. Perhaps it is time to put a bit more thought into our talent. As [...]

Tour of Toyota and the Toyota Production System

February 25, 2017 Earlier this week, I went on a tour of the Toyota North American Parts Center and had the opportunity to see the Toyota Production System techniques up close. It is always amazing to see that no matter how many millions are spent on technology (which I [...]

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What Elton John and Presenting Ideas Have in Common…

April 20, 2016 If you want to be successful, a LOT!  I saw Elton John at the Colosseum in Las Vegas last weekend, and he puts on an incredible show.  He mentioned that he has been writing with the same lyricist for 40 years - quite impressive.  How hard [...]

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