Job Gains & Market Surges

April 6, 2017 According to the Wall Street Journal, the US gained a better-than-expected 263,000 jobs in March.  Thus, the stock market surged and others gained as well including the Shanghai Composite Index, Nikkei Stock Average and Australia's S&P.  As the job market gets tighter, have you thought about how to [...]

Chicago Cubs – playing the long game…

November 7, 2016 108 years!  I wasn't too sure I'd see the Cubs win the World Series in my lifetime.  After all, my dad missed out.  We were both Cubs fans.  While growing up, I watched almost every game with my friend Vonda.  And I remember waiting for my [...]

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Leadership Will Make or Break Success

You may experience short term results with increased project focus, but long term success will fail without effective leadership. As my HR mentor used to say, "It begins and ends with leadership". After a 25 year plus career with leadership positions in organizations, trade associations, non-profits and more, it [...]

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People, People, & People

Your rate of success with customer service, increasing revenue, developing new products and gaining a competitive advantage all depends on people and who you have on your team. In real estate, almost everyone knows that location, location, location is the name of the game. The best house in the [...]

Top Tips to Ensure Execution Success

Project execution is an uphill battle. Ensure success by devising a blueprint from executive commitment to follow up. Executive commitment – start with executive commitment. Otherwise, you might as well hang up your hat, as it is really unlikely to succeed. Provide a compelling case to senior leaders on [...]

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