Are You Developing Close Relationships with Your Customers?

May 8, 2020 Are You Developing Close Relationships with Your Customers? During turbulent times, relationships move faster than at any other time. Will they move in a positive direction or a negative one? That is the only question. In fact, customers will be reevaluating what they buy and [...]

Southwest, JetBlue and How People are the Brand

May 29, 2018 I heard Ann Rhoades, former VP of People for Southwest and JetBlue speak at an Executive Forums meeting. When JetBlue surveyed their customers to find out what influences loyalty, the results were a bit surprising in that products/ services, operational performance (on-time arrival) and pricing weren't [...]

Are You Ready for a Surprise Inspection of Your Service?

A commitment to stellar customer service is an ongoing process in which resources need to be dedicated to continuous improvement and exceeding customer expectations.In almost every client, trade association and trusted advisor meeting I attend, service emerges as a hot topic. In today's Amazon-impacted world, our expectations are high. [...]

Chicago Cubs – playing the long game…

November 7, 2016 108 years!  I wasn't too sure I'd see the Cubs win the World Series in my lifetime.  After all, my dad missed out.  We were both Cubs fans.  While growing up, I watched almost every game with my friend Vonda.  And I remember waiting for my [...]

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Never Giving Up & the Cubs

October 19, 2015 I adored the Chicago Cubs when I was young. My childhood friend Vonda and I used to watch every game. She loved Ryne Sandberg, and I loved Jody Davis. It was great fun! We even went to Wrigley Field a few times. As my Dad just [...]

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