Strategy Isn’t Long Term!

As I meet with countless CEOs and P&L leaders at clients, via connections, at speeches etc., I pay attention to what is top of mind. Strategy is always top of mind for the most successful business leaders! After all, if a CEO makes in the millions (the top 10 [...]

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Recognition & 2017’s LMA Advocate Award Winner

June 19, 2017 On the 10 year anniversary of my business, I recognized 10 people for 10 years as LMA Advocates - people who have gone over and beyond, resulting in LMA Consulting's growth and success.  I truly appreciate their support, expertise, ideas and feedback.  I would not be [...]

Professional Development in the Changing Landscape of Supply Chain

Published in Drucker Supply Chain Forum on March 27, 2017 The end-to-end supply chain has become more complex, global and cornerstone to growth and profitability in companies; thus, top supply chain talent has become a differentiator to success”, says panelist Lisa Anderson of LMA Consulting Group. Click here to [...]

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Do You Really Support Empowerment?

To be an effective leader oftentimes means empowering employees to make changes and decisions to help customers even if those decisions don’t align with yours. The 80/20 of business success stems directly from leadership. The best leaders can make even the worst-performing teams excel and, unfortunately, the weakest leaders [...]

Leadership – Making You Feel Important

As a leader, knowing how to treat people so that they feel important and a part of your company’s success builds a reliable team that will go the extra mile to deliver results. Of course we talk about leadership more than anything else as it is #1 to business [...]

It Takes All Types of Managers for Success

October 26, 2015 My Dad's funeral was this weekend, and it went as well as a funeral can go. We tried to make it a celebration of life. He certainly was a family man, and it was easy to remember all his good qualities. He drove me to skating [...]

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Are You Ready for Year-End?

As the year wraps up, successful executives are thinking about how to not only finish up the year on a strong foot but also, how to kick off the New Year with rapid progress. So it makes sense to take a step back and think about a few year-end [...]

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