mergers and acquisition

The Value of Implementation

Successful project implementation requires leadership and hard work to pick up the pieces when something goes wrong – because something always will.Strategy and plans do not fail in formulation; they fail in implementation. Time and time again, my clients prove this statement. Although I am an expert in helping [...]

M&A is on the Rise

July 27, 2016 A few weeks ago, I attended a ProVisors ODAM (Ontario-region based distributors and manufacturers group - don't you love the name?!) session on the current state of the M&A market in Southern California - and specifically in the Inland Empire for manufacturers and distributors.  The bottom [...]

How to Defy the Odds with Culture Change

Execution must be a core component of your organization’s cultureBetween 70-80%+ of culture change programs, such as mergers and acquisitions, fail to produce the results originally expected. Yet, there are still many private equity firms and companies aggressively searching to merge and/or acquire a business – and certainly companies [...]

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