Automation or Autonomous?

While leading a panel "Building Resiliency in the Supply Chain" with gurus from Georgia Tech, the leading experts in global logistics and associated research, several intriguing concepts arose. Additionally, my Association for Supply Chain Management group led a series of webinars on "Navigating through Volatility" including discussions with several [...]

The Strategic Benefit of SIOP

SIOP (Sales, Inventory, Operations Planning) should not be relegated to the Planning Department. Although the planning group is a key participant and might lead the process, SIOP touches upon several strategic issues as well as create alignment with Sales, Operations, R&D/ New Product Development, Finance, Purchasing, and more. As [...]

The Resilient Supply Chain: Do You Have Resilient Employees?

Resiliency isn't easy or every organization would have perfected it.  Yet in today's volatile, Amazon impacted, disruption-heavy environment, you must build resilience.   Let's start by talking about our meaning of resilience:  we mean not only the ability to adjust and recover quickly to changing business conditions but also the [...]

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Gaining New Ideas to Increase Business Value

Every executive we work with is interested in increasing the value of the business.  Whether a small closely-held business with an owner who might want to sell the business or exit with an ESOP or a private-equity backed company aiming to achieve the ideal exit strategy per the private [...]

Keep a Strategic Eye

Certainly, after spending a week in Fiji thinking about strategy, I am focused on the power of keeping a strategic eye at all times; however, it is undoubtedly what our most successful clients do. We have learned to keep an eye on what "works" across organization sizes, industry types, [...]

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How Organization Can Be Your Secret to Success

Being disorganized at work will lead to lost opportunities. Get organized to be able to act on the right item or information at a moment’s notice.I’ve always been organized. My mom said that my 5th grade teacher who also owned a business and was in politics said I was [...]

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What You Can Learn from an Organizing Guru

Being organized doesn’t necessarily mean having a neat and tidy desk. In terms of supply chain management it means categorizing your tasks to easily determine their order of importance in the larger scheme of things. My 5th grade teacher (who was also involved in politics) told my Mom that [...]

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Organization Essential to Strategic Focus

Bring order to chaos – organize and redefine your priorities.Organization is one of the key tenets required to be successful with an eagle eye strategic focus so that you can rapidly assess strategic priorities. I’ve yet to run across an organization with just the right amount of priorities – [...]

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