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Customer Care 1.01 & The SLURPY Method by Guest Blogger, Steve Weimar

When we think of who’s responsible for developing and retaining the customer relationship business owners and CEO’s too often feel this is solely the role and responsibility of the Business Development or Sales team. I’m here to tell you that mindset is narrow-minded and can lead to a parade [...]

The Importance of Innovation

April 27, 2016 I was the Chair of the Manufacturers Council of the Inland Empire (MCIE)'s Innovation awards committee for this year's Manufacturers' Summit.  It was inspiring to hear the stories of manufacturing innovation at today's awards ceremony!   These companies innovated in many different ways ranging from workforce [...]

What a 94 Year Old Smart Woman Says, “Interpret”

December 13, 2015 My close friend's step-mom is a sharp-witted, amazing story-teller, and one of her famous lines is "interpret".  Whether she said something completely wrong or somewhat close to what she wanted to communicate, she simply says "interpret" with a smile.  Somehow with her, it works every time. [...]

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The Skills Gap

Many manufacturers and distributors are faced with bridging the skills gap in current employees and new hires. I recently partnered with the APICS (the leading association for supply chain and operations management) Inland Empire chapter to complete a survey on skill gaps as it is becoming a critical topic [...]

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