Is JIT Dead?

Several clients are wondering, “Is JIT Dead?”. Definitely not. But, if you are ordering just-in-time literally from China and expecting to not experience disruptions without strategic stockpiles, capacity or agility built into the picture is not smart. Listen to our video on JIT. [...]

The Value of Diversity

June 29, 2020 Diversity has always been core to success. Are you gaining different viewpoints? It has certainly been proven that deliberately bringing diverse viewpoints into projects and teams will lead to greater levels of success. Men will have different perspectives than women. People with different nationalities and backgrounds [...]

Are You Developing Close Relationships with Your Customers?

May 8, 2020 Are You Developing Close Relationships with Your Customers? During turbulent times, relationships move faster than at any other time. Will they move in a positive direction or a negative one? That is the only question. In fact, customers will be reevaluating what they buy and [...]

The Resilient Supply Chain: Are You Resilient?

I was carpooling across town for an event that was already postponed once in rainy weather in rush hour in Southern California, and if this situation doesn't call for resilience, I don't know what does!  Of course, something is bound to go awry, starting with traffic jams galore.  We [...]

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The Value of New Beginnings and the Old

April 29, 2018 This weekend I was in North Carolina for the wedding reception of my Godson Alex and his bride, Grace. They were happy, planned the perfect day and it all went fabulously......such an impressive - and young (or maybe I'm just getting older) - couple! I [...]

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The Outer Banks & the Value of Long-Term Relationships

October 30, 2017 I recently went to North Carolina's Outer Banks for the wedding of my best friend's daughter.  Sandi and I met in high school and spent college together as well and have seen each other multiple times each year since.  I remember beach trips with her family [...]

New York Times Bestseller “Contagious” & Relationships

May 1, 2017 I attended a consulting convention last week in Chicago, and the theme of the week was the critical importance of relationships.  Jonah Berger spoke about his book Contagious: Why Things Catch On. I thought a fascinating fact he talked about is that 91% of people buy (or [...]

How Tradition Can Be a Win for Company Culture

Employers can build a company culture by tapping into traditions that pull employees together through shared experiences that build cohesion and camaraderie.Since Halloween recently passed, I’ve been thinking of the value of tradition with your people. Yesterday I went to a client that has an amazing people culture, and [...]

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