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The Super Bowl and Your Brand

February 5, 2016 So, other than being a bit depressed that the Arizona Cardinals are not in the Super Bowl, I am thinking about the Super Bowl (hard not to since the hype is everywhere). You'd have to be hiding under a rock to not know that it is [...]

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Which Social Network is the Best One for Getting Started?

Leverage Social Networks to Drive Business Results I’m frequently asked which social media tool is best for those who want to get started.  For manufacturing and distribution professionals, undoubtedly, it is Linked In!  One of the most recent statistics I’ve heard is that there are more than 259 million [...]

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Social Media Buzzing in the News

According to a recent Deloitte and Forbes Insight study, business leaders identified social media as the 4th largest risk source for the next 3 years. A few years back, social media wouldn’t have even been on the radar! Also, the Harvard Business Review discussed how social media tools can [...]

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