Supply Chain Shortages & My Interview on FOX Live Now

It is obvious we are having significant supply chain disruptions, and I recently talked with FOX Live Now about these issues. We discussed what caused these shortages, what's going on with the labor shortages, whether it will impact the holiday season, which industries are most impacted, how long [...]

Supply Chain Resiliency: Video Interview on Disruption in Logistics

Next in our supply chain resiliency value series, we are excited to share an interview with BJ Patterson, President of Pacific Mountain Logistics.  Thanks to B.J. for sharing his expertise on the Manufacturing Summit's panel "Amazon Effect: Pass or Play - the New Sales & Distribution Game and How [...]

MacGyver Solutions & Using Under-Utilized Assets

December 5, 2016 I've always appreciated the concept of MacGyver-type solutions (and so I enjoy the re-booted TV series as well). When I was a VP of Operations, I was quite proud of what we accomplished with minimal resources - having minuscule to no resources can spur creativity. Wiley [...]

How Visual Project Management Software Can Increase Revenue and Reduce Stress

Published in Team Focus on July 5, 2016 Lisa Anderson shares advice on how to identify your top 3 problems and brainstorm solutions. Click here to read more.

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