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Strategic Thinking & the Value of Changing Your Environment

July 16, 2017 Last week, I went to Rhode Island to meet with my global strategy group.  It is simply amazing how a change of scenery can achieve wonders when it comes to emptying the mind so that strategic thoughts can enter.  I haven't spent time in Providence and [...]

Robots & Demographics

June 6, 2017 According to Industry Week and Moody's Investor Service, there could be a significant upside to robots with the near-term demographic time bomb in Japan and Germany.  Certainly, work will need to continue to get done; however, as more and more workers retire, that could become a [...]

Carmel and Strategic Thinking

March 6, 2017 Earlier this week, I went to Carmel, California for a strategy session.  While there, I went to the Monterrey Bay aquarium and saw the California beauty after a winter season of a lot of rain (see the picture below for one of the fabulous views). Do [...]

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