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Sticking to Priorities

December 8, 2015 Sticking to priorities is always important; however, it can be especially challenging during the holiday season as there are so many demands on our time. For example, today I had a key priority that had to be completed for a client. I knew it would take [...]

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Why It’s Important to Take Time to Think

November 23, 2015 I was in Hawaii the last few days for a strategy session.  It was great to have dedicated time to think through strategy, brainstorm and improve upon it with colleagues, etc. Although this photo isn't the typical beach scene from Hawaii, I thought it was a [...]

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The Value of Thinking about the Value of Calendars & Schedules

November 9, 2015 Since I was largely away for a few weeks during my dad's stroke, hospice stay and funeral, I moved all non-essential meetings during that time frame. Now that I am "back", I have been trying to reschedule the meetings, follow-up on the ones I never planned [...]

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Cherry Blossoms & The Value of Time

I was in DC this week for a conference. My theme last week was on continuous learning, and I put that into practice this week. Walked away with several ideas. It just so happens to be in "cherry season" in DC (see below). This is what got me thinking [...]

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