Employees: Your #1 Asset

Although there is a lack of a robust recovery, companies are emerging from the recession. We are in a “new normal” business environment. Gone are the days of easy sales (in essence, what could be easier than answering the phone?). Gone are the days of relatively easy profitability. Instead, [...]

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Tips for the New Year – 2011

Tips to Kick-off the New Year Re-connect with your vision - where are you going and why? Relationships are #1 - no matter what business you are in, valuing relationships is key to success. How can you develop enduring relationships? Re-connect? Nurture? Prioritize - undoubtedly, you can have 1000's [...]

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Lessons Learned from Your Worst Leaders

Businesses remain in a quandary. Optimism is up. Sales are lackluster. Unemployment remains high. Customer service expectations continue to rise. Cash remains king. For example, just take today's Wall Street Journal's headlines: The private sector added 217,000 jobs; however, layoff announcements increased for the second month in a row. [...]

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There's little more important than building relationships to personal and business success. One of the avenues to achieve this goal is networking. Thus, I thought a few tips might be in order: Integrity - based on my experience and according to a survey of a dozen executives, integrity tops [...]

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Keep In Touch

As high-tech becomes more prominent, high-touch becomes even more vital. Make building relationships and staying in touch a part of your daily routine. Thanks to Jim Cenname, as he gave me the idea to discuss this topic and thanks to Rich Beu for emphasizing its importance in a recent [...]

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The Power Of Relationships

Never underestimate the importance of relationships - especially their effect on the bottom line. The power of relationships is immense! I typically partner with clients to accomplish significant bottom line results on a wide variety of topics ranging from organizational change and culture projects to process projects such as [...]


As the 80/20 of business success can be traced back to leadership and communications, what could be more important? Be clear & concise - it is amazing how often the messages can become garbled (similar to the old game of telephone). Take the time to be clear and concise. [...]

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