The Power of Networks

Business success relies on the extent and effectiveness of your network. Developing quality relationships can take your personal and professional life to the next level. I've always seen the power of networks; however, there is a heightened sense of urgency surrounding the topic for those executives who would like [...]

Overcoming Obstacles

No matter how much you plan, you’re going to face challenges. But learning to hurdle obstacles effectively will save you valuable time and a lot of grief. As I've yet to run across an executive without obstacles, learning how to effectively deal with them has to be a top [...]


In talking with a client earlier today about goals, it reminded me of the often-overlooked importance of goals. Start with strategy - unfortunately, you can have the best goals in the world but if they don't align with where the company is headed, they are a waste of time. [...]

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Prioritize - As much as we'd all like to do everything for everyone equally, it is impossible. Instead of trying and failing, prioritize - and don't commit to more than you can accomplish. Value - remember to value those key relationships you might take for granted. Start there instead [...]

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