Summer Tips

As summer is upon us, I thought it appropriate to take a step back and think about a few tips for the season: Rejuvenation – no matter how busy, it is vital to plan time for rejuvenation. No one can go 24/7 – you'll be more productive after a [...]

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Hiring: How to Avoid a Fatal Flaw

As I'm preparing to give a speech at the APICS (Association of Operations Management) International Conference in Las Vegas on “Innovation for Supply Chain Success”, it occurred to me that one of the reasons for failure with innovation is due to a fatal flaw in hiring. In my experience [...]

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What Really Works in Pay-for-Performance Systems

Seeking success secrets for PFP design and implementation? Just ask management expert Lisa Anderson. "In my 20 years of experience as a practitioner, a VP of Operations and a business consultant across multiple industries and globally, I've gained organizational development insights for what works for pay-for-performance systems," says Anderson, [...]

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Employees: Your #1 Asset

Although there is a lack of a robust recovery, companies are emerging from the recession. We are in a “new normal” business environment. Gone are the days of easy sales (in essence, what could be easier than answering the phone?). Gone are the days of relatively easy profitability. Instead, [...]

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Tips for the New Year – 2011

Tips to Kick-off the New Year Re-connect with your vision - where are you going and why? Relationships are #1 - no matter what business you are in, valuing relationships is key to success. How can you develop enduring relationships? Re-connect? Nurture? Prioritize - undoubtedly, you can have 1000's [...]

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Lessons Learned from Your Worst Leaders

Businesses remain in a quandary. Optimism is up. Sales are lackluster. Unemployment remains high. Customer service expectations continue to rise. Cash remains king. For example, just take today's Wall Street Journal's headlines: The private sector added 217,000 jobs; however, layoff announcements increased for the second month in a row. [...]

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There's little more important than building relationships to personal and business success. One of the avenues to achieve this goal is networking. Thus, I thought a few tips might be in order: Integrity - based on my experience and according to a survey of a dozen executives, integrity tops [...]

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