Keep In Touch

As high-tech becomes more prominent, high-touch becomes even more vital. Make building relationships and staying in touch a part of your daily routine. Thanks to Jim Cenname, as he gave me the idea to discuss this topic and thanks to Rich Beu for emphasizing its importance in a recent [...]

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The Power Of Relationships

Never underestimate the importance of relationships - especially their effect on the bottom line. The power of relationships is immense! I typically partner with clients to accomplish significant bottom line results on a wide variety of topics ranging from organizational change and culture projects to process projects such as [...]


As the 80/20 of business success can be traced back to leadership and communications, what could be more important? Be clear & concise - it is amazing how often the messages can become garbled (similar to the old game of telephone). Take the time to be clear and concise. [...]

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The Power of Networks

Business success relies on the extent and effectiveness of your network. Developing quality relationships can take your personal and professional life to the next level. I've always seen the power of networks; however, there is a heightened sense of urgency surrounding the topic for those executives who would like [...]

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