Ask questions: Instead of talking, think of a provocative question and listen. By mastering the art of asking questions, you can help people learn and build confidence since they are developing their own answers, ideas, plans, etc. Celebrate mistakes; however, not trends of mistakes: Society typically penalizes mistakes. For [...]

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Would You Like To Add An Extra Hour Every Day?

Business productivity relies on employee time-management. Invest a little time upfront for a bigger productivity payoff in the long run. According to a sampling of business executives and managers, organization/ time management is emerging as one of the most critical issues in the workplace. As organizations struggle to achieve [...]


Align goals: Without this point, nothing else matters! If you think you have a team yet one person can succeed (receive a pay raise/ reward) while another can fail (not receive a pay raise/ reward), you don't have a true team. A team must have the same / aligned [...]

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Never Stop Learning

In a society of over-communication, you'll stand out through continuous education and committment to learning. In today's business climate, those who stand out in a crowd will succeed. One of the keys to success is to never stop learning. Read: Especially in the information age, it is even more [...]

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What Separates The Exceptional Leaders From The Pack?

Exceptional leaders are becoming harder and harder to find, while the need for them is reaching new heights. Global competition, Wall Street expectations, and employees' expanding set of career choices and desire for flexibility, in combination with an increasing shortage of available talent as the baby boomers retire is [...]

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Travel Tips

Since I'm currently on vacation in Hawaii, traveling with family members who typically do not travel, it has become clear that travel tips I take for granted can be quite helpful - more than I realized previously. Keep lists - it is easy to forget things that seemed obvious [...]

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