Leadership – Can Anyone Become a Leader?

Leadership is more important than ever. Profit margins are slim and continue to be squeezed. Oil and gas prices continue to rise. Employee benefit costs continue to rise. The weak economy is worrisome for many businesses. More companies hope that mergers and acquisitions will improve their situation, yet more [...]

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Ownership – a Secret to Business Performance

Almost all of the Wall Street Journal and business magazine headlines comment on oil and gas prices and the sagging economy. Of course, these widespread issues make achieving consistent, strong, positive business performance a bit more challenging in many industries. However, one secret to success that is often overlooked [...]

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Goals – Make Them Meaningful

As the headlines on the Wall Street Journal and business magazines continue to lament the economy, businesses are re-thinking their business plans and searching for opportunities to increase profitability and cash flow. In my experience, the ones who will be successful in proactively managing through these uncertain economic times [...]

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Skills Development

During tough economic times, skills development is critical. As jobs are tougher to find, those candidates embracing continual learning and skills development will have a leg up on the competition. Read voraciously - read a few of the bestseller business books and/or ask your mentors and colleagues for recommended [...]

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In today's economy, it is my contention that relationships and community are elevated in importance. You are not as effective alone as you are brainstorming with a trusted friend, advisor or team. Fail - this sounds outrageous; however, I have never seen a highly successful person that hasn't failed. [...]

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Is Creating Life Balance Important During a Recession

As it so happens that I've recently experienced a stockpile of travels, vacations, birthday celebrations and life experiences such as attending my nephew's piano recital, I imagine you'd suspect my answer is YES! It's quite normal for people to work harder and longer in recessions - after all, everyone [...]

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