Should You Upgrade Your ERP System?

Although upgrading and implementing an ERP system is challenging, you need to see across your facilities to accurately assess whether you are getting bogged down by your own infrastructure.Since I've been working on several ERP selection and design projects lately, it has reminded me of how challenging these projects [...]

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Go-Live: ERP Fundamentals

To have a smooth transition implementing your ERP system, be sure to follow the supplier’s go-live process but don’t forget the fundamentals.Since one of my clients is going live tomorrow on a new ERP system, I've been thinking about go-live. Every software supplier has their "go-live" process and typically [...]

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Design will Make or Break ERP Success

Take extra care to design your ERP system to make certain it works with every functional area of your business and to involve key people in the developmental decisions to ensure success.As several of my clients are building their systems infrastructure to better support their aggressive growth, it just [...]

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An IT Roadmap

Creating an IT roadmap shouldn’t be all about the bells and whistles of the system, but rather on the technology that supports the strategy and business objectives.Ever heard about 1's and 0's as it relates to computers? That level of detail is often what I see with systems. We [...]

Leverage Systems for Growth

If you’re riding a wave of growing demand put systems in place that can support the increased workload and not wipe out your goals.Lately I've been talking with many clients and potential clients who are interested in growth. Although rapid growth is exciting, it can also be one of [...]

The Value of CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

I'm in process of teaching my first APICS CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional) session, and earlier today I taught a section on CRM.  In addition, I've been helping clients select the "right" ERP system to best meet their business priorities, and CRM has emerged as a top priority.  The [...]

6 Process & Systems Trends for Success

Business processes should evolve as the business climate changes by keeping an eye out for emerging trends and finding opportunities to pull ahead of the competition.As the year rapidly comes to a close, it seems an opportune time to discuss systems and process trends. I find that those clients [...]

Selecting the Right ERP System

For a better return on your investment select the ERP system based on which is most compatible with your business processes vs. technical prowess. ERP systems are not of much value by themselves; however, if you leverage the appropriate functionality to support your business, it can pay back rapidly [...]

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Why Upgrade Your ERP System?

With improvements in the economy and increasing customer expectations this may be the right time to upgrade your ERP system software. I've been talking with an increasing number of manufacturers and distributors who are beginning to think about upgrading technology and specifically their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Selecting [...]

DIY Competitive Intelligence Can Augment Expert Help

Published in Thomas NetNews on Oct. 1, 2014 Lisa Anderson, president of Claremont, Calif.-based LMA Consulting Group Inc., which helps businesses achieve supply chain excellence and improve service levels, says industry trade associations are good places to start competitive intelligence projects, as they have trade data and insights into [...]

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