Are You On-Time, On-Budget and On-Results? Go Back to the Basics!

Published in Project Times May 29, 2013 What company doesn't have at least several projects going at once to try to support essential objectives? In my 20+ years of experience as a global business consultant and operations executive, I've yet to see one! As projects are commonplace in organizations, [...]

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What is a Systems Pragmatist?

Systems Pragmatists incorporate design every step of the way, and stay several steps ahead of the process. Would you select curtains to spice up a house with a rickety foundation? I certainly hope not! Instead, you would resolve your foundation issues before even thinking about nice-to-have's. So why do [...]

How to Defy the Odds with Culture Change

Execution must be a core component of your organization’s cultureBetween 70-80%+ of culture change programs, such as mergers and acquisitions, fail to produce the results originally expected. Yet, there are still many private equity firms and companies aggressively searching to merge and/or acquire a business – and certainly companies [...]

5 Ways to Improve Processes

Stay focused on continual improvement of your processes to keep your business at the forefront of your industry.Process improvement has been around for centuries. I laugh as I see the fads come and go with different names and hoopla yet the fundamentals remain the same. What is process improvement [...]

How Manufacturers and Distributors can Utilize Social Media for Success

Maximize your use of social media to distinguish your company.In today’s new normal, we are in a volatile and challenging business environment where customers are demanding more for less – and NOW! Thus, it is increasingly critical to stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to [...]

Volatility is the New Norm – Are You Ready to Thrive with Change?

Published in Project Times, Wednesday, 24 April Click here for original article. Volatility is the new norm in today’s business environment. How often does your supplier decide to close up shop? Or, does your 20 year customer decide to go through a rigorous selection process? Or, does natural disaster [...]

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What is an Eagle Eye Strategic Focus?

A keen eye for details can uncover big savings. In my experience, I've found that watching trends is vital to success - if you can pick up on a key trends and get better positioned than your competition and/or jump on-board with strategic innovations early, you'll be guaranteed [...]

Throw Out Complex Project Timelines

Published in "Project Times" website, September, 2009Click here for original article.The current recession has made it all the more critical that companies deliver the expected project results - on time, on/under budget and meeting/exceeding the intended results. Therefore, it is critical that we throw out the old paradigms, starting [...]

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Project Management Software – NOT Critical to Success

Published in "Project Times" website, November, 2009Click here for original article.Eliminate the excuses! There's NO investment required to achieve the 80/20 of project management success.  As businesses are struggling in the recession or reluctant to spend as they slowly emerge from the recessionary climate, it seems timely to evaluate [...]

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Common Pitfalls to ERP Project Success

Published in "Project Times" website, February, 2010Click here for original article.As we are beginning to emerge from the recession, I've noticed that there has been an uptick in interest for ERP implementations. Of course, we are nowhere near the interest levels of pre-2000; however, businesses are beginning to think [...]

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