Top 3 Causes of Poor Inventory Management

No matter why a client first calls, one of the challenges or areas of opportunity for significant gain stems back to inventory management. On the other hand, it isn't too surprising as with manufacturers and distributors, a key to operational success is effective inventory management. Beyond that, it can [...]

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Bedrock Topic: Inventory Accuracy

Inventory accuracy is often overlooked, but it is vital to to bottom line business results.Although a bedrock topic, inventory accuracy is often overlooked in operations strategy discussions as it becomes an assumption or something that just should occur. However, I am constantly reminded of its vital importance and impact [...]

Capacity Planning

The need for improved capacity and staffing analysis and decision-making arises frequently as a critical success factor with my clients, and so I thought a few tips would be beneficial: Start simple - Complex models don't drive results. Simple, easy-to-understand data will give you what you need to succeed. [...]

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Preparing for a New System

I've seen a steady increase in ERP selection, implementation and utilization projects as executives want to fully leverage the tools available to drive business results. However, a new system can be a significant undertaking. Only those who prepare will succeed. Document business processes - Start by documenting what occurs [...]

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Hit the Ground Running in 2013

How do we get ahead of our competition in today's new normal? What used to work will lead to disaster in these new times. Instead, we must stand out from the crowd with our customers in mind. One way to accomplish this is to be ahead of the curve [...]

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Supply Chain Collaboration

I find there is little more important than supply chain collaboration for succeeding in today's new normal business environment.... Customers - Of course, collaborating with customers is key to success; however, it goes much farther than asking for forecasts. How can you collaborate together to optimize logistics? Reduce space [...]

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The Resurgence of Manufacturing – it’s up to you!

Resurgence of manufacturing is occurring if we choose to take hold of it!As I recently attended the Manufacturing Summit in the Inland Empire and have been preparing for my Association of Operations Management Inland Empire Chapter's 2nd Annual Executive Panel & Networking Symposium entitled "The Resurgence of Manufacturing & [...]

Operations Strategy

I’ve been thinking a lot about this subject recently as I realized that the 80/20 of what I do for clients can fit into this category. Also, as my consulting strategy/ accountability partner says, it is an interesting paradox of strategy and execution which sums up what is essential [...]

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