6 Value-Added Ways LMA Consulting Group Elevates Your Business:

  1. Relationships – Relationships are the #1 key to success. Through Lisa’s network and nurturing of connections, the focus always starts here.
  2. Service – We are known for exceptional service. Our goal is to think several steps ahead of what our clients’ need, and every project is managed with an eye towards results.
  3. Results – Results are derived from a relentless persistence in meeting objectives and delivering solutions. Clients admire Lisa’s collaborative approach to “making it happen” and delivering bottom line business results.
  4. Expertise – From experience comes the expertise sought after to comment on trends, provide tips and to share her general know-how. See Lisa’s recent interviews, articles and presentations with international media and industry publications.
  5. Unique process – Lisa pioneered and uses the dynamic approach to supply chain excellence called TST. Combining torque, speed and traction, TST creates high speed organizations that maximize performance.
  6. Affiliations – Building a system with other consultants and trusted advisors provides an exchange of ideas and best practices to ensure total client satisfaction. Learn more about her affiliations.