Lisa partnered with us to achieve close to double the inventory turns.
K Means, CFO, Coast Plating
Lisa has the ability to think several steps ahead on a project.
Mike Zundel, President, Castle Metals Aerospace
Lisa worked across organizational lines to bring people together and significant projects to fruition.
Jim Cenname, President, US Aluminum
Lisa's patience in grappling with deep-seated systemic and cultural issues was invaluable.
Kelly Ford, COO, Esterline Mason
Lisa has a unique combination of big-picture perspective and hands-on ability to implement change.
Sheila, Peyraud, WW GM Aerospace & Defense, Donaldson

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Case Study
On Time Delivery Improvement
Esterline Control Systems Mason - Dramatically Improved on-time delivery by resolving the critical bottleneck's on-time performance by 80%

ERP Turnaround
Donaldson Valencia - Transformed from ERP chaos to inventory accuracy in the high 90%'s & a fully integrated system & process

Freed Up Cash
Transtar Metals - Increased Inventory Turns by 30% and Maintained Service Levels

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Case Studies

Improving Service Levels through Sales & Operations Planning

An aerospace manufacturer sought a rapid improvement in service levels to their customers.

full story…

Improving Service & Efficiency by Leveraging a Fully Integrated System

A manufacturer was plagued with service and efficiency challenges due to process and system implementation struggles.

full story…

Refocused Key ERP Functionality to Drive Business Results

A leader in aerospace metals distribution faced a significant challenge immediately after going live with Oracle ? suddenly they needed at least twice the effort and people in order to limp by internally while trying to make it invisible to their customers.

full story…

Turned Around a Poorly Executed ERP Supply Chain Implementation

A mid-market manufacturer of absorbent products suffered a dramatic drop in service levels and significant increases in cost immediately following the implementation of a new ERP system.

full story…

Uncovering Profit Opportunities with Cost Management Systems

Following the downturn in real estate, a windows and doors manufacturer (heavily dependent on the commercial and residential market) was cash constrained and needed to find opportunities within their business model and supply chain network.

full story…

Improving Margins & Share in the Commercial Products Building Market

Following the downturn in real estate, a windows and doors manufacturer (heavily dependent on the commercial and residential market) was cash constrained and needed to find opportunities within their business model and supply chain network.

full story…

Accelerating Cash Flow Through Supply Chain Management

Confronting escalating oil and gas prices, a manufacturer already knee-deep in operating cost reduction required more savings in supply chain and distribution costs in order to maintain investor confidence and return a profit.

full story…

Turnaround — Solving Operational Problems

Following significant research and development disruption to operations, a mid-market manufacturer struggled with miserable operational results ? efficiencies around 50%, high waste and inconsistent quality. full story…

Improving Cash Flow by Increasing Inventory Turns on Core Product Line

A leader in aerospace metals distribution sought to reduce inventory levels to free up cash flow and reduce debt levels.

full story…

Mergers & Acquisitions: Turning Around a Poorly Executed Merger

A middle-market manufacturer struggled to assimilate two recently acquired businesses and faced a financial crisis. We had to develop a viable business model that captured the leverage opportunities of the original synergies and a business plan to raise capital.

full story…

Improving Cost Management through Business Systems Integration

A tissue paper manufacturer sought to increase profitability by leveraging a recent investment in a new business system.

full story…

Accelerated Product Launch through Rigorous Project Management

After an extended length of time of zero product upgrades/launches and dismal sales levels, an adult incontinence manufacturer had to launch a new, upgraded core product line on an expedited timeline to prove its strength and reemerge as a significant competitor in the marketplace.

full story…

Coaching: Positioning a New Leader for Success

A senior manager in supply chain management needed guidance in aligning the operations and supply chain teams to support both increased sales volumes and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.

full story…

Vendor Managed Inventory: From Low Gear to Supplier of the Year

A middle-market company was faced with a new challenge, when its top customer suddenly required all suppliers to develop a vendor managed inventory (VMI) relationship in order to maintain business volumes and the opportunity for growth.

full story…

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