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Interview on the Green Sense Show with Lisa Anderson discussing how supply chain is changing
Supply Chain – Green Sense Minute | Green Sense Radio
the financial and efficiency benefits of robotic investments in business, based on expert insights
Critical Mass Business Talk Show: Supply Chain
Expert analysis on Boeing’s supply chain, offering strategies for resilience amid challenges, enhancing industry understanding
Bloomberg: LMA Consulting Group’s Lisa Anderson on Boeing
Analysis of Baltimore bridge collapse's significant impact on supply chains, revealing critical resilience and continuity strategies
Baltimore Bridge Collapse to Have ‘Slight Impact’ on US Economy as Reroutes Add Up, Raising Overall Inflation: Consultant
global supply chain strategies, including diversification and regional manufacturing, to overcome logistics challenges
The Global Supply Chain: Issues and Options
Interlinks Podcast - Unlocking Success: Getting Back to Basics
Building Agility and Resilience for Business in 2024
Effective strategies for optimizing supply chain manufacturing operations, ensuring resilience and scalable growth in the industry
Manufacturing Matters – Unraveling the Supply Chain with Lisa Anderson
Lisa Anderson discussing supply chain technology trends and their impact on business success
What’s Happening in Supply Chain Today?
Lisa Anderson discussing supply chain risk and global challenges on the radio show
Lou Desmond Show: Interview about Supply Chain