With the significant amount of disruption in the global supply chain, companies have started to focus on what could help them better weather the storm. From drought conditions impacting the Panama Canal to Houthi rebels impacting the Suez Canal and supply chain chokepoints created by wars and tensions around the globe, companies have been scrambling to serve customers and maintain profits. In addition, executives are struggling to keep up with the advancement of technologies with artificial intelligence, robotics, and supply chain technologies. Yet if they don’t take the leap, there is concern about keeping up with the skills gap for high-skilled positions. As the baby boomers retire, there is a wide gap forming for leaders who can thrive in ambiguity.

Our expert panel of manufacturing and supply chain consultants  and experts will discuss resilience and agility, relate these concepts to the current situation, and discuss what key clients are doing to thrive in this volatile environment. We will discuss what it means to create a resilient and agile supply chain and how companies develop these attributes successfully. We also debate whether AI is a fad or driving practical upgrades for clients and touch on which technologies can deliver customer value. The panel will talk about the critical importance of leaders and the development of talent to create resiliency, and we will debate reshoring, nearshoring and the political will to address the tough issues facing manufacturers and distributors. Additionally, we will address where clients should focus and what they should be thinking about to successfully navigate this turbulent environment and create a resilient and agile supply chain so that they can thrive for decades to come. Listen to our Pac Rim/ North America and Europe/ North America perspectives on life after globalization.

Meet the panelists.

June 27, 2024
PacRim/North America Perspectives

June 27, 2024
Europe/North America Perspectives