West Coast Ports Diminishing Volume

According to the The Journal of Commerce, the West Coast ports are losing volume. The West Coast share of imports coming from Asia is down from 61.1% in 2021 to 58.8% in 2022 while the East Coast and Gulf Coast ports rose. According to the JOC, the ILWU contract negotiations are causing this change although there are concerns about drayage and rail as well.

Gaining a Logistics Edge with Inventory Management

Logistics costs have been staggering. According to the 33rd Annual State of Logistics report produced by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals by the global consulting firm Kearney and presented by Penske Logistics, U.S. business logistics costs rose by 22.4% last year.

Emerging with Supply Chain Strength – What is Going on in the World with John Tulac

What is Going on in the World with John Tulac

Using SIOP to Make Better Informed Sustainability Decisions

Sustainability has become popular with consumers, employees and an imperative of large companies. After all, who wouldn't want to participate in saving the planet? In fact, I was interviewed for an Earth Day special "Our Changing Climate" (you'll see me featured in a few segments around 20 minutes in). From a corporate perspective, according to IBM Institute for Business Value, 51% of CEOs now rank sustainability as their greatest organizational challenge.

Supply Chain Disruptions Continue at a Breakneck Pace

Supply chain disruptions continue at a break-neck pace.

News Nation: UK’s Shipping Port Strike Adds to Fragile Supply Chain

Lisa Anderson, president of LMA Consulting Group, Claremont, CA comments on why the supply chain is wrong whether we are talking about West Coast or East Coast.

Flexport: Supply Chain Career Advice From Women Who Paved the Way

Supply Chain Expert Series featuring Lisa Anderson - Founder and President, LMA Consulting Group, shares first-hand experiences and advice on how and why other women should consider a career in supply chain and logistics.
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Southern California CEO: Introduces Supply Chain Chats

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Expert Lisa Anderson, President of LMA Consulting Group has introduced Supply Chain Chats, a video and interview series that will provide insights, ideas and innovation to address current supply chain issues.

Flexport: 55 Supply Chain & Logistic Experts You Should Follow on Social

"Having relationship with suppliers is critical. We often advise clients to use multiple suppliers to ensure supply. Using secondary suppliers can be expensive" comments Lisa Anderson a manufacturing a supply chain consultant and President of LMA Consulting Group Inc.

State of Supply Chain

The successful companies will not only strive to be the strongest link in your supply chain, but they will ensure that the weakest link doesn't send their customers to the competition. You have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secure your position as a market leader and thrive for years to come, if you choose to take advantage of the opportunity and start to act NOW.
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