Our Approach:

No two clients are alike, but oftentimes they seek the same outcomes— creating bold customer promises and profits simultaneously. We focus on an aggressive yet realistic strategy that delivers results. As a trusted advisor and hands-on member of the team, we partner with you to determine where the focus should be (and, often more importantly, where it shouldn’t be!) and what’s required in terms of people, processes, partners and protocols (from both a technology and finance perspective) to make it happen – rapidly and successfully.

Our Results:

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What differentiates us?

Our clients tell us these 6 differentiators make the difference to them:

  1. Relationships– Relationships are the #1 key to success. Through Lisa’s network and nurturing of connections, the focus always starts here.
  2. Service– We are known for exceptional service. Our goal is to think several steps ahead of what our clients’ need, and every client interaction is managed with an eye towards results.
  3. Results– Results are derived from a relentless persistence in meeting objectives and delivering solutions. Clients admire Lisa’s collaborative approach to “making it happen” and delivering bottom line business results.
  4. Expertise– From experience comes the expertise sought after to comment on trends, provide tips and to share her general know-how. See Lisa’s recent interviews, articles and presentations with international media and industry publications.
  5. Unique processes– Lisa has architected leading edge, proprietary approaches for fast-tracking growth and profits, driving supply chain performance, achieving exponential results with SIOP (sales, inventory & operations planning) and ensuring ERP selection and design success.
  6. Affiliations– Building a system with other consultants and trusted advisors provides an exchange of ideas and best practices to ensure total client satisfaction. Learn more about her affiliations.

Our Categories for Grouping Areas of Expertise:

We have developed categories to group our areas of expertise so that you can quickly access articles and resources applicable to your area of interest:

Companies we’ve worked with:

  • Nestle
  • Health-Ade
  • ZCL | Xerxes
  • Quality Granite & Marble
  • United Western Enterprises
  • Dow Hydrolics
  • West Coast Corp
  • Green Dot
  • Laguna Clay
  • CMS
  • DS Casters
  • TA Aerospace (Esterline Engineered Materials)
  • Health-Ade LLC
  • Aerospace Dynamics International (PCC Aerostructures)
  • Metrex Valve
  • Don Lee Farms
  • Vista Professional Lighting
  • L.H. Dottie
  • Noranco (PCC Aerostructures)
  • ESL Power Systems
  • Sydor Optics
  • Corona
  • Vista Equity Partners
  • Mission Rubber
  • Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting
  • Kirkhill (Esterline Engineered Materials)
  • QC Manufacturing
  • Enevate
  • Castle Metals Aerospace
  • Donaldson Filtration Solutions
  • Esterline Control Systems Mason
  • Goodway Technologies Corporation
  • Midpoint Bearing
  • US Aluminum & RACO Interior Products
  • Eckert & Ziegler
  • SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association)
  • Coast Plating Inc.
  • Stratecon, Inc.
  • Rudi Wiest Selections
  • Eliminator LLC & La Sierra Fire Equipment
  • International Aluminum Corp.
  • International Extrusion
  • Transtar Metals Inc.
  • PaperPak Industries
  • Chocolates a la carte
  • Eureka Aerospace
  • Business Intelligence Designs
  • ATNV
  • Coca-Cola Enterprises
  • Santa Fe Plastic
  • Paper Pak Products (Attends Healthcare)

Brings Teams Together for Success

I have known Lisa for 16 years in my capacity as Chief Financial Officer at both Paper-Pak Products and Transtar Metals, and based on her work, I would rank her as one of the best business leaders I have ever worked with.

Jolene Myers | CFO



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