Our Consulting Services

Supply Chain Expert

We take a comprehensive, cross-functional view to assess, strategize, plan, implement, measure, and quantify with the LMA Performance Advantage. Our core services focus on creating create bold customer promises and profits. We help companies design and roll out SIOP (Sales Inventory Operations Planning) and supporting execution programs. We develop a collaborative sales forecast, and translate these demand plans into capacity, operations, and supply chain plans, driving end-to-end (E2E) supply chain optimization, resiliency, and performance. Our core services of strategy (SIOP), supply chain plans (Planning), supporting ERP systems and advanced technologies (Technology), and E2E Supply Chain topics drive profitable growth, customer value, and accelerated cash flow.


Designing, implementing, and upgrading Sales and Operations Planning processes to support customer growth, scalability, and operating cash flow.


From forecasting demand to planning production & replenishments, clients gain a superior customer experience, operational efficiencies & cash flow.


Architecting technology roadmaps & selecting best fit ERP & related software (CRM, Forecasting, WMS, B2B/B2C etc.), clients improve ROI.

E2E Supply Chain

Creating agility , resiliency, sustainability, cash flow and customer delivery performance with end-to-end supply chain and inventory optimization.

Client Results

We work with clients to create a superior customer experience, enable scalable, profitable growth and minimize risk, disruption and confusion

Kelly Ford, Aerospace Executive

David Cox, General Manager of Operations, Armacell LLC

Craig Young, Senior Director, Nellson LLC

K Means, CFO, Coast Plating I Controller, Transtar Metals


Who We Help

Coca-Cola Company
Corona Season after Season
Sydor Optics
Paragon Distribution Services
Quiet Cool
Green Dot
Nestle Nutrition

Types of Projects

If it relates to a manufacturer or distributor, we have done it. We have supported clients with a wide variety of projects including the following:

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