Lisa Anderson's I've Been Thinking Book

I’ve Been Thinking: Turning Everyday Interactions into Profitable Opportunities

I’ve Been Thinking: Turning Everyday Interactions into Profitable Opportunities

I’ve Been Thinking is daily inspiration of new thinking that will transform your business, your bottom line and you. Armed with innovative ideas and partnered with Lisa’s global experience, you can tackle your most challenging business and operational issues.

In addition, these insights focus special attention on strategies to raise the bar and create customer loyalty, employee engagement, dramatic business transformation and collaborative partnership profits to thrive in today’s competitive, fast-paced, 24/7 marketplace.

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Each chapter is one or two pages full of great insights.  Download a few sample chapters below.

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Gives Back to Students
"As president of LMA Consulting Group, as well as her leadership positions in APICS and other organizations, Lisa gets to meet a lot of people and gets to visit a lot of companies. That is where she gets her inspiration for "I've Been Thinking." Her writing on a diverse compilation of best practices is both informative and insightful."
Professor Kash Gokli
Harvey Mudd College
Gives Back to Students
"Lisa's "I've Been Thinking" newsletters are concise and very informative on current trends in innovation, manufacturing and supply chain. I especially enjoy reading the "One Tip to Implement" section as it's a practical and fun way to continuously improve my busy work and lifestyle more efficiently."
Kusum Kavia
Executive VP, Combustion Associates
Gives Back to Students
"In the midst of the many details and concerns about running my manufacturing business, darts in an arrow of interest through my email. It is another "I've Been Thinking." I always take a pause and read it, knowing that it will be salient. I have enjoyed them all and I think that Lisa has contributed greatly."
Roy Paulson
President, Paulson Manufacturing Corporation
Gives Back to Students
"Lisa's "I've Been Thinking" has become a daily input, consistently positive, insightful and actionable. From a bookshelf in front of my desk full of books I retained one or two profound that have guided our contract manufacturing facility over the past 29 years. And now I have over 100 on my desktop for which I am grateful. I have gained profound knowledge. You are never too old to learn!"
Michael Slavinski
President, L&M Machining Center Inc.
Gives Back to Students
"I like Lisa's column, "I've Been Thinking", because it delivers the right mix of suggestions, prodding, and human interest that I find useful."
Wally Brithinee, Ph.D.
President, Brithinee Electric
Gives Back to Students
"Lisa's newsletters keep innovation top of mind and frequently lead to new project ideas. When discussing how to implement projects at our company, we frequently say "What would Lisa do?"
Tami Sipos
CFO, CryoWorks Inc.