If your organization would like to elevate business performance, maximize supply chain value, dramatically increase service levels OR resolve nagging performance challenges …then consider Lisa Anderson President of LMA Consulting Group, Inc. as a speaker for one of your next meetings.

Benefits of Working with Lisa

My sole focus is for you to walk away with VALUE – pragmatic and innovative approaches to help companies grow & prosper. In essence, every interactive session will focus on strategies, processes and tips to:

  • Grow the business
  • Speed up progress
  • Drive profitability
  • Maximize margins
  • Accelerate cash flow
  • Create Customer Loyalty

Don’t take our word for it, see what our audience says.



Our topics include:

Although we have spoken on countless topics about elevating business performance, our favorite TOP TEN include:

  1. Leveraging SIOP (Sales, Inventory, Operations, Planning) for Success
    My most successful clients leverage SIOP to achieve a win-win-win of supporting growth, increasing margins, and accelerating cash-flow simultaneously. What are the secrets to success in designing and implementing SIOP (sometimes referred to as S&OP)?
  2. The Amazon Effect: How Radical New Models & Service Standards Have Changed the Game
    65% of manufacturers and distributors feel like they have a customer service gap vs. Amazon-like offerings. Certainly Amazon has pioneered same-day delivery, Sunday deliveries and are known for quick continually pushing the envelope with innovative programs like delivery by drones. What gaps exist and what can you do to bridge the gap to achieve success?
  3. The Skills Gap: Engaging & Empowering People for Success
    89% of executives are experiencing a skills gap! As supply chains have become more complex, baby boomers retire and employees are on the move, a war on talent has emerged. Only those who engage and empower employees will thrive. What are the top strategies to achieve these goals?
  4. Onshoring Profits: Manufacturing is Not Dead Yet!
    As the costs in China continue to increase while North America has made advancements in automation and efficiency, the total cost to produce value-add products is at parity. When you add the critical need for quick deliveries into the mix, reshoring, onshoring and nearshoring have gained in popularity. What are the keys to success in onshoring profits?
  5. Leveraging ERP Systems for Bottom Line Results
    At best, companies utilize 20% of their ERP system – the fully integrated system that runs their business from taking orders to invoicing customers and everything in-between. As resources have become scarce and customer expectations are elevated, learning how to further leverage your ERP system and its built-in best practices can be cornerstone to success.
  6. Best Practices in Inventory Management
    The bread and butter of any manufacturing or distribution company is its inventory. Focusing on the best practices for accounting for and managing your inventory properly so that you have the right items in the right place at the right time in order to service customers successfully with the least amount of cash tied up while delivering the maximum profit to the bottom line is both an art and a science.
  7. The Strongest Link in Your Supply Chain
    Only the most successful companies see the end-to-end supply chain as a strategic priority. Supply chain is not just a reference to logistics or procurement; in fact, key participants of supply chain include manufacturing (insourced and outsourced), your customers, suppliers and logistics partners – and their customers and suppliers. Those who are the strongest link in their supply chain not only excel internally but also collaborate with their partners to strengthen the entire supply chain to delight customers, deliver margins and share information for rapid yet informed decision-making.
  8. Leadership to Leapfrog the Competition
    Success begins and ends with leadership. Give me the best leaders with the worst company any day vs. mediocre leaders with a stellar company! Leaders engage people. Leaders delight customers. And, results follow. What do all the best leaders have in common?
  9. Creating a Customer Service Edge
    Amazon has created an entirely new level of “normal” for customer expectations. The newly informed customer with 24-7 access and visibility wants “more for less”, delivered yesterday. What are you doing to create a customer service edge? Guaranteed, communicating the priority is not enough. Executives must dig deep and instill best practices across the board to remain competitive; innovation has become a “must” to create a customer service edge.
  10. Leveraging Social Networks to Drive Business Results
    Leverage social networks for business success especially in this era of the customer. Contrary to popular opinion, social networks go far beyond keeping in touch with friends using Facebook and Linked In. These new normal business tools can be the competitive advantage any business can use to leap frog its competition. By utilizing best practices, executives can jump the learning curve and leverage social networks and social media to build and nurture relationships to not only drive bottom line business results but also to create engagement and positive momentum.

We have spoken on countless topics, and so if you have a particular topic in mind, please contact us.


Lisa has spoken at:

  • Drucker Supply Chain Forum
  • California CEO’s Manufacturers Corner
  • Manufacturer Summit
  • Bob.tv
  • ISM (Institute of Supply Management)
  • The Association of Operations Management (APICS) International Conference
  • The Global Supply Chain & Logistics Summit
  • U Connect (GS1 standards to achieve value chain visibility)
  • ExecSense
  • IMA (Association of Accountants & Financial Professionals)
  • Seminar 1 Conference
  • 6 Packed Supply Chain conference
  • Financial Executives International
  • ASQ (The Global Voice of Quality) chapter meeting
  • APICS chapter meetings (Buffalo, Orange County, Inland Empire, etc.)
  • Pacific Premier Bank’s Business Value Series
  • Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG)
  • CEO Summit
  • Future Ports Annual Conference
  • Project Management Institute
  • TalentStream
  • ProVisors
  • Voice of the Inland Empire

Lisa has been a Guest Lecturer/ Panelist or Instructor at:

  • USC Entrepreneurial Studies Program
  • Pepperdine Capstone Course with MBA with Concentration in Entrepreneurship
  • APICS CSCP course
  • Norco College
  • NSA’s GLAC Pro Speak Academy Guest Lecturer


Moderated Great Panel Discussion
"I attended the CEO Summit, and Lisa moderated a great panel on Leveraging your Supply Chain for Growth and Profitability. She assembled an excellent panel of cross functional experts who shared expertise and insights, providing value to the CEOs in attendance. "
Cindi Mullane
Senior Director Supply Chain & Operations, Feit Electric
Led Workshop with Practical Take-aways
"Lisa conducted a wonderful workshop for Brandman University and the Inland Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce focusing on principles of “The Amazon Effect”. It was relevant, engaging and the small business owners walked away with practical tips."
Nick Lacy
Director, Brandman University
Great Presentation with Focus on Bottom Line
"Our American Society for Quality chapter routinely has black belt level improvement experts describe inventory as waste but rarely explain inventory. Lisa did just that with a passionate, detailed analysis of inventory and its impact on the bottom line."
Michael Slavinski
President, L&M Machining Center
Makes the Complex Understandable
"Lisa has an uncommon ability to make complex topics very understandable and relevant to folks from across the spectrum of industries. She is full of fresh, new ideas, intriguing perspectives and talks about trends in the marketplace."
Scott Luton
Managing Partner, Talent Stream
Speaker of Substance and Value
"Lisa spoke at Seminar 1 and provided pragmatic take-aways to improve operations in the workplace. I recommend Lisa as a class “A” speaker of substance and value."
Michael Walsh
President, QSG Lean Six Sigma Associates
Demonstrates Expertise with Engaging Style
"Lisa's presentations and training programs at APICS conferences demonstrate both subject matter expertise and an engaging style."
Michael Ford
Principal, TQM Works Consulting
Value-Add Guest Lecturer
"Lisa spoke on supply chain information technologies with students in my Principles of Logistics class at Norco College. She made insightful observations and responded to questions in an understandable way by my most inexperienced students."
Rex Beck
Professor, Logistics Management Norco College
Made It Relatable
"I had the opportunity to attend Lisa's talk on Keys to Program Management Success and found it to be of great value. The real-life examples on how to resolve practical issues helped me understand the importance and application of the concepts."
Rekha Raman
Marketing Communications Manager, LitePoint Corporation
Delivered Great Take-Aways
"I enjoyed your APICS 2013 presentation so much that I purchased a copy of your book."
Phillip Van Dusen
CFO, Southeast Modular
Expertise and Pragmatic Advice
"Great job today! Your presentation is very relevant."                    
Frank Garica
Institute of Management Accountants
Actionable Take-aways
"I very much enjoyed your presentation. The key points you made are so applicable to our current environment and to my company specifically."
Josie Vigil
Director Supply Chain, B. Braun Medical Inc.
Engaging Presenter
"Simply an excellent presentation – bullets, concise, informative."
John Aguilar
Business Analyst, Williamson-Dickie Mfg. Co.
Top Notch Speaker
"Lisa speaks with confidence and authority, connects well with her audience and presents information in an interesting way. We received comments on her practical advice, key take-aways and easy-to-understand style. I have heard many speakers over the years; Lisa is one of the best! I am confident in her ability to deliver relevant content in a meaningful way."
Betsy Hargus
Director of Marketing, Prescient

10 Year Professional Member