What’s Happening in Manufacturing & Supply Chain?

What’s Happening in Manufacturing & the Supply Chain: Economic Impact of COVID-19 LMA Consulting

The Supply Chain and Impacts from the Coronavirus

Q1 2020 – What’s Happening in Manufacturing & Why

Collaboration for Advanced Manufacturing & Supply Chain Sucess

Reevaluating Production Outside the US

Lisa Anderson, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Expert Discusses Manufacturing Trends Q4 2019

Supply Chain Trends Q4 2019 – Lisa Anderson, President of LMA Consulting, Provides Insights

Navigating Through Volatility Webinar Series 2020

Where is the Toilet Paper? – Lisa Anderson

The Future of Manufacturing

Managing Quality in China

The Impact of Covid-19 on Trade

Manufacturing in Mexico

The Forever Transaction

How Location Intelligence Drives Supply Network Resilience and Recovery

Coronavirus Impact on Our Employees – Eileen Angulo

Covid-19’s Impact on Freight Flows & Supply Chain Hiring – Dave Porter

Navigating Global Supply Chains – John Tulac

Managing Quality in China – Jim Twerdahl

Weathering the Covid-19 Pandemic’s Impact on the Global Supply Chain – Alan Dunn

Future-Proofing Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Future-Proofing Manufacturing Post COVID-19

Doing Business with China – Lisa Anderson, LMA & John Tulac JD

Lisa Anderson, LMA interviews John Tulac, International Attorney

LMA Interviews

‘What’d You Miss?’ Full Show (05/11/2020)

The Future of Manufacturing in the United States

Supply Chain Chats: How COVID-19 Impacts Supply Chains

Advancing Your Consulting Business During Times of Crisis

Retailers Slowly Catching Up with Demand

Rip City 620: Supply Chain Interview

Manufacturers’ Summit: Manufacturing Trends & Insights

Manufacturers’ Summit: Innovation Awards Interview

Manufacturers’ Corner: Supply Chain Trends

Manufacturers’ Corner: APICS Symposium on Innovation

APICS 2005: The Amazon Effect

APICS 2005: Big Data

APICS 2004: Cultivating Empowered & Engaged Employees

Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Innovation

The Value of Innovation

The Amazon Effect: Eyeing Disruptors

Manufacturing Trends & Insights

Interview with Ed Magee, Fender Musical Instruments

Interview with Ismael Reyes Jr., Ingram Micro

Wrap up & Insights

The Manufacturers’ Summit Innovation Awards

Innovation: Mira Elnar, CEO Acura Spa systems

The Amazon Effect

The Amazon Effect: Eyeing Disruptors

The Real Impact of the Amazon Effect

The Amazon Effect & Customer Expectations

Cost & Speed of Unpredictability: B.J. Patterson, Pacific Mountain Logistics

How to Compete with Amazon: Dan Vest, Midpoint Bearing

Stepping Up the Competitive Game: Dan Vest, Midpoint Bearing

APICS 2005: The Amazon Effect

Technology, ERP & the Strategic Use of Data

Strategic Use of Data, Lisa Anderson, LMA Consulting

How To Approach Your ERP Selection Covid

Strategic Use of Data: Cindi Mullane, Feit Electric

Big Data in Healthcare: Dr. Yuman Fong, City of Hope

Strategic Use of Data in Manufacturing: Todd Boppell, NAM

Strategic Use of Data at the Ports; David Libatique, Port of Los Angeles

APICS 2005: Big Data