Better Utilizing ERP for Sustainable Results

99% of the companies that bring us on board for consulting projects can accelerate bottom line business results by better utilizing their ERP system.

SAP Insights: For Resilient Supply Chains, Think Local

Procter & Gamble, the maker of Charmin toilet paper, was prepared for thousands of scenarios – including earthquakes, fires, and cybersecurity attacks – but not for a disruption greater in magnitude than all three combined: a global pandemic. As COVID-19 spread throughout the United States in March, panicked shoppers snapped up [...]

What Should We Be Thinking About Supply Chain?

If it isn't already, your end-to-end supply chain must be part of your strategy discussions. I was recently featured at SAP's SAPPHIRE NOW Coverage global conference on supply chain since it is such a timely topic.  Interest has been heightened as supply chain challenges intensify throughout the world.  Minimally, we should [...]

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