What did your business learn from a year of unprecedented disruption that saw shifting customer expectations, disrupted supply chains, market uncertainty, and a rapid switch to remote working?

How quickly were you able to respond? And what can you do now to help your business regain and accelerate its growth trajectory?

After watching the SAPPHIRE NOW Midmarket keynote, Ursula Ringham spoke with several industry experts to hear their predictions for 2021 and beyond. You can watch the discussion here.

Interconnected approach drives agility and growth

Many midsize companies this past year quickly realized the importance of connecting business systems and data across their organization. An interconnected business approach can help you position your business for more resilience and faster growth.

It lets you streamline decision-making, drive quality and reliability, speed up your operations, and compete with companies of all sizes, from large corporations to smaller, more nimble digital natives.

“Technology solutions are essential to help midmarket brands pivot, scale, and get closer to their customers.” –Martin Newman

Strengthening the supply chain through collaboration & integration

You also have to collaborate with external partners to ensure both a resilient supply chain and an adaptable business network that connects with employees and business processes.

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