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Manufacturing Matters: An Update on Supply Chain Challenges, Opportunities

Snarled supply chains throughout 2021 had industry hoping 2022 would be smoother, yet analysts said it would last into 2023 or longer. Lisa Anderson offers her insights about how 2023 is looking.

The Strongest Link in Your Supply Chain – Relevant Today

As our long-term newsletter subscribers and ProVisors (trusted advisor network) colleagues are aware, we have used the Strongest Link in Your Supply Chain” as our tag line for a decade or longer. However, it has never been more relevant than it is today! As has been proven through the pandemic and continuing supply chain disruptions, any company’s performance is only as strong as the weakest link in their supply chain.

Taking Control of Customer Success Using SIOP (S&OP)

We are in a new era with more opportunity to grow than ever before. COVID is largely in the rear-view mirror, and the strong companies are getting stronger. Consumers have returned to the scene and are robust purchasers of products, homes and services. Are you ready to grow and scale? Have you taken control of your end-to-end supply chain so that you can take advantage of the opportunities?

SAP SAPPHIRE NOW: Midmarket Keynote: Lessons learned and looking ahead

What did your business learn from a year of unprecedented disruption that saw shifting customer expectations, disrupted supply chains, market uncertainty, and a rapid switch to remote working? How quickly were you able to respond? And what can you do now to help your business regain and accelerate its growth trajectory? Gain insights learned during SAP Sapphire.

Stabilizing Supply Chains: Supply Chain Brain Video

Robert J. Bowman, editor-in-chief of SupplyChainBrain and I recently talked about how to stabilize the supply chain. We talked about your customers’ customers, your suppliers’ suppliers, how to access them, whether they’ll share data, how technology can help, how SIOP can help and more. Listen to our conversation. [...]

What’s Going on in Supply Chain: Shark Bite Biz Video

David Strausser, podcast host of Shark Bite Biz, and I talk about what's going on in supply chain during the pandemic and many of the hot topics like business process automation, digital transformation, ERP, and WMS technologies that can help your company achieve growth during this challenging time. We are passing [...]

Walmart & Costco Moving Towards Farmer-to-Shopping Cart Strategies

Explore how vertical integration from farmer-to-shopping cart is reshaping retail giants like Walmart and Costco.

K Means, CFO, Coast Plating I Controller, Transtar Metals

What is the Supply Chain?

Because we are known as supply chain experts, we continue to talk about the supply chain even though LOTS of people - including potential clients - are unsure what in the world that means.

The Manufacturing Connector – Profit through People

More than ever manufacturing and distribution operations are linked and fueled by people worldwide. When you make them the cornerstone of your success profit will follow. When I talk about The Manufacturing Connector(SM), I am referring to the comprehensive process to connect the rapid assessment and identification of key [...]

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