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Does Customer Service Matter: Uber vs Taxis?

Prior to Uber, a medallion (a transferable permit that allows a taxi driver to operate) cost $1 million dollars in New York city. It was a powerful permit with substantial value. After Uber started up, the low point for a medallion was around $25,000. That is a 40-fold reduction [...]

Quality Digest: LMA Consulting Sees Supply Chains Reshaping to Balance Inventory

Lisa Anderson's press release about the reshaping of supply chains was picked up by CSCMP. Rightsizing and balancing inventories is becoming essential to success especially with increasing interest rates.

Sandy Shattles – Business Manager (Inside & Outside Sales), Insulation Group, Armacell LLC

The LMA Experience: Sandy Shattles, Business Manager, Insulation Group, Armacell LLC discusses working with LMA Consulting.

Ciro Ahumada – Vice President Americas, Armacell LLC

The LMA Experience: Ciro Ahmada, VP of Americas, Armacell LLC discusses their experience with LMA Consulting Group - their supply chain and customer challenges and how the LMA team worked to support positive change.
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Upgrade CRM Processes & Software to Ensure a Superior Customer Experience

During times of volatility it is of paramount importance to stay in tune with your customers. Otherwise, you could set and execute strategies that are a waste of limited time, money, and resources as conditions evolve. We are seeing a great reset occur. Baby boomer owners of closely-held companies are selling.

Customer Service – The Customer is Always Right

NxtGen Nexus: The Importance of Customer Service "Employees follow people, not companies. Are you investing in leaders, and are your leaders leading?" comments Manufacturing and Supply Chain Expert Lisa Anderson, MBA, CSCP, CLTD, President of LMA Consulting Group Inc.
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The Importance of Customer Service

We are in a time period that will prove more important than almost any other because more companies will surge past the competition during these turbulent times, propelling them forward for years to come. Executives will have a choice - push the pedal to the floor and achieve success or be tentative and pull on the parking brake and slowly retreat and decline.
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Five steps to manage supplier risk in your supply chain | Netstock

Improved supplier data will give your supply chain the competitive advantage to drive customer loyalty.

ERP & Related Technology to Manage High Complexity with High OTIF Levels

If there is one thing in common with every client (big or small) in the current business environment which is characterized by significant volatility and uncertainty, it is the increased level of complexity of supply chains. As the old saying goes, you are only as strong as your weakest [...]

Navigating Current Global Business Challenges with SIOP & Demand Volatility

Lisa Anderson was interviewed by Lucie Newcomb for the podcast series “Staying Global While Staying Home”. They addressed the topic of the state of the global supply chain and strategies to successfully navigate with Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP / SIOP) with an emphasis on getting a handle on demand volatility. [...]
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