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Brushware magazine: Efficiency or Resiliency?

According to a McKinsey survey about COVID-19’s impact on operations and the future supply chain, supply chain leaders believe it will be transformed. For example, close to 75% experienced issues in the production, distribution and supplier footprint that will require changes in the future, and a whopping 93% of [...]

Resilience vs Efficiency in This Next Normal

Lisa Anderson, founder and president at LMA Consulting Group Inc. based in Claremont, Calif. was the opening keynote speaker on day 3 at the SAP Vision 33 Virtual Conference. Published in SAP Vision 33 on Oct. 2020 Click here to read more.

Which Planning Method is Best?

Use a combination approach to inventory management planning to promote growth, increase profits, free up cash flow and improve operational efficiency. I've incorporated three planning method options into a presentation on inventory management best practices. I've been receiving more and more requests for this topic as executives experience the [...]

Strategies to Reduce Operational Cost without Capital Investment

Focus on operational cost reduction strategies to continue growing efficiently while also giving yourself pricing wiggle room.

Sustainability – who knew that it’s common sense?

Liken sustainability to reducing waste, which in turn respects the environment and makes business financial sense. Sustainability is gaining traction in today’s cutting edge discussions. Whenever a topic pops up in multiple places suddenly, I take notice. I’ve read multiple articles in trade publications and magazines, attended a keynote [...]

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