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Keeping Your Project Team Motivated & Engaged

Published in "Project Times" website, March 13, 2017 Click here for original article. In leading and participating in hundreds if not thousands of projects during my 25-year career as an executive, consultant, and non-profit leader... it is apparent that the most important aspect of projecting success is keeping your [...]

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5 Ways Project Management and Lean Manufacturing Speed Up Processes

Published in "Liquid Planner" website, October 3, 2016 Lean manufacturing has become a popular way to eliminate waste, reduce costs and improve efficiencies. This philosophy originated, largely, at Toyota and is used to better align customer needs with manufacturing operations. The challenge with lean is that, despite its attraction [...]

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Networking Success for Project Success

Published in "Project Times" website, December 22, 2016 Click here for original article. As project managers, the 80/20 of success is in leading, coordinating and facilitating among people. Of course, the technical knowledge is a base requirement; however, no matter how technically correct, the project manager will not achieve [...]

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The Million Dollar Project Manager

Project managers drive initiative results yet they aren’t often treated with the respect nor given the support they need to thrive. Published in "Project Times" website, November 14, 2016 Click here for original article. In our experience working with manufacturers and distributors from small, family-owned businesses to medium-sized, private [...]

Best Practices in Project Teamwork

Since projects lift bottom-line business results, companies depend on these initiatives for growth and profits. Cultivating a strong project team and handing them a clear goal are keys to success. Published in "Project Times" website, October 11, 2016 Click here for original article. Projects are the cornerstone to achieving [...]

5 Best Practices for Managing Manufacturing Projects

Published in "Liquid Planners" website, November 19, 2015 Click here for original article. Projects abound for manufacturers. There's no doubt that manufacturing is growing, supply chains are becoming more complex, requirements are popping out of the woodwork, and the most successful way to navigate these waters is to design [...]

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Keys to Delegation Success for Projects

With today’s high customer expectations for quick service, 24/7 accessibility and expanded services supply chain managers are increasingly overloaded. Delegation is key to meeting demands and working efficiently. Published in "Liquid Planners" website, March 1, 2016 Click here for original article. In today's Amazon-impacted world, customers have higher expectations [...]

Success or Failure? Collaboration is Key to Success

Meeting the demands of today’s Amazon-impacted world requires meaningful collaboration within your organization and with supply chain partners. Published in "Project Times" website, March 21, 2016 Click here for original article. How important is collaboration to project success? Several years ago, it was important but not critical; however, within [...]

The Elements of Project Success: A Case Study

The common factors leading to a project’s success include leadership, support, and management. Clear your team’s path with sufficient attention to these areas for the results you want. Published in "Project Times" website, April 12, 2016 Click here for original article. After leading hundreds of projects and participating with [...]

Project Success Is All About The People

Project success starts and ends with people. Give your project a head start with a top leader to guide the cross-functional tasks along the way. Published in "Project Times" website, May 10, 2016 Click here for original article. In reviewing project successes and failures, it turns out that project [...]

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