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How to Manage Supply Chain Complexity (using PM tools)

Supply chains continue to increase in complexity. I've observed this firsthand from managing hundreds of projects in manufacturing organizations over the last 25 years, including navigating end-to-end supply chain. Being able to effectively manage this complexity is essential to achieve important business objectives–growth and profitability.

The Elements of Project Success: A Case Study

Most project teams that experience failure get sidetracked in lengthy project tasks. Clear your team’s path with sufficient attention to these areas for the results you want.

How to Keep Your Team’s Morale Up During Change

These effective strategies boost team morale during times of change, ensuring engagement, motivation, and productivity in your organization.

Keys to Successful Growth

Though gratifying, periods of business growth can be the most challenging to manage. The keys to successfully manage growth are people, simple project timelines and follow-up.

5 Best Practices for Managing Manufacturing Projects

To help executives think through priorities, we need to take a step back to consider these best practices for managing manufacturing projects
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How to Increase Teamwork to Ensure Project Success

Encouraging strong teamwork paves the way for successful projects completion which contribute to company improvements and growth.

10 Ways to Stay Focused on the Critical Path

Maintaining focus on projects in the midst of business volatility is challenging, but preparing a road map with team strategies to concentrate on the critical path will ensure success.

Avoiding Top Project Pitfalls

Project roadblocks will happen. Chart a course that allocates your attention and resources on the most critical projects. Published in "Project Times" website, November 18, 2014 Click here for original article. Project results drive business performance! In my experience in working with countless companies ranging from small to multi-billion [...]

ERP Implementation Stars

Acknowledge your ERP implementation project leaders for their ability to manage multiple moving parts. I've found that successful ERP implementation project leaders are unsung heroes as few executives could or should understand the 1000's of moving parts & critical elements to achieving success. What are a few of these [...]

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