Top Tips to Ensure Execution Success

Project execution is an uphill battle. Ensure success by devising a blueprint from executive commitment to follow up. Executive commitment – start with executive commitment. Otherwise, you might as well hang up your hat, as it is really unlikely to succeed. Provide a compelling case to senior leaders on [...]

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How to Keep Your Team’s Morale Up During Change

Team morale can take a hit during times of intense change. Motivate your team with a relatable, easy-to-understand vision and keep them informed every step of the way. Published in "Liquid Planners" website, July 20, 2015 Click here for original article. Change is the only constant! Dramatic growth is [...]

The Value of Thinking about the Value of Calendars & Schedules

November 9, 2015 Since I was largely away for a few weeks during my dad's stroke, hospice stay and funeral, I moved all non-essential meetings during that time frame. Now that I am "back", I have been trying to reschedule the meetings, follow-up on the ones I never planned [...]

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Project Management’s Top Critical Priorities

Published in Project Times August 7, 2013 As a global business consultant serving multiple industries, I have yet to find a company that doesn’t have project management challenges. Project success is vital to the company’s success. For example, since project management typically cuts across functional departments, the projects typically [...]

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Would You Like to Close Out the Year with Project Success?

Published in "Project Times" website, November, 2011 Click here for original article. As we close out the year, wouldn’t it be nice to achieve year-end results with critical projects?  As many companies and leaders get lost in the holidays, it is an opportunity for those who stay focused on [...]

Keys To Success – Project Management

In the last several years, I've run across many different companies in different industries with different people, different processes and different systems, and yet they all typically have the same challenge - successful project management. And since project management typically cuts across functional departments, the projects typically are critical [...]

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Top Strategies to Ensure Success in the New Year

As we start the New Year, I thought it was worthwhile to discuss critical yet often overlooked blocking and tackling maneuvers that ensure success. As most are debating New Year's resolutions and how to reengage after the holidays, why not get a leg up on the competition by excelling [...]

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