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Competition – Or Are They?

It might just pay to remember that your relationship network is one of your most valuable assets. Can you find ways to collaborate for win-win success? 

My ProVisors Ontario Group’s 5 Year Anniversary and Amazing Connections

Take stock of your connections. I bet you know more people than you realize.

Press Release: Manufacturing Business Expert Lisa Anderson Releases Innovation Book on iTunes

Lisa Anderson's roadmap to innovation in her latest book is now available on iTunes. Practical strategies to drive business success.
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Press Release: Lisa Anderson Releases Book to Spur Business Innovation

Lisa Anderson's book 'I've Been Thinking' ignites business innovation, providing readers with insights to transform everyday interactions into opportunities
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Press Release: Supply Chain Expert Lisa Anderson Shares Big Picture Perspectives for Profit Opportunities

Lisa Anderson's new book offers unique perspectives on turning everyday business interactions into profitable opportunities for innovation.

The Eagles and Apprenticeships

Are you thinking about apprenticeships?  It doesn't have to be as dramatic as an untimely death; there are many reasons you should be thinking many years down-the-line with your apprenticeship programs.

Unique New Zealand Style Cooperation

June 15, 2016 This past week, I've been in New Zealand, following my strategy / mentor advisory meeting in Sydney and a few tours in Australia.  Our first stop was Christchurch.  It was devastated by an earthquake in 2011 with buildings crumbling everywhere - apparently, they hadn't built Christchurch [...]

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Success Depends on the Question

May 31, 2016 This past weekend, I visited my good friend's step-mom, and she is a master at communication. Undoubtedly, she can "win" any conversation with anyone at any time, and the other party will be happy with the outcome. Wouldn't we all like to be this good?!? One [...]

Why Planning is at the Crux of Success

May 25, 2016 I just had a brainstorming session with one of my key clients about the integrated planning process - in essence, how demand and supply match up to ensure customer service (which is #1 for every client in today's environment), growth, and improved margins and cash flow. [...]

The Power of In-Person Communication

April 6, 2016 I am certainly a believer that much can be accomplished remotely. Actually I am doing more and more to help my clients remotely, and we are achieving substantial results - and significant returns on investment. However, that doesn't replace in-person communication 100%. There is a time [...]

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