What is Your Demand Plan? Sales Strategies for Success

Sales strategies and customer programs are pivotal to developing a demand plan in support of sales revenue growth goals. SIOP (Sales Inventory Operations Planning) will translate these sales forecasts into operations and supply plans for review with cross-functional teams to ensure the sales plans are fulfilled successfully and efficiently.

Pricing is Strategic: Why Southwest Customers Wouldn’t Buy a Bentley

Have you thought about your strategy and whether it relates to your pricing? It is easy to get caught up in competitive pricing situations and start to lower your price; however, it might be the time to take a step back and see whether what you are doing matches your branding and strategy.
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Pricing & Profits: It’s Not All About Revenue

According to CFO Magazine, Amazon's profit doubled to a record $3.6 billion in the first quarter yet reported its lowest growth rate in quarterly revenue since 2015.

Never An Afterthought: Pricing Is Strategic to Business Success

CLAREMONT, Calif., October 1, 2018/ExpertClick/ -- Organizations that think about pricing strategically are best able to weather changing business situations, build customer loyalty, and differentiate themselves from competitors, according to The Society for the Advancement of Consulting® (SAC). Know Your Customers and Price Accordingly A pricing strategy should reflect [...]

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Amazon Fears Driving Supplier Price Concessions at Costco

Amazon continues to wreak havoc on supply chains worldwide. No matter your industry, are you considering innovations, automation and technology to reduce costs to remain competitive? 
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Press Release: Supply Chain Expert Lisa Anderson Shares Big Picture Perspectives for Profit Opportunities

Lisa Anderson's new book offers unique perspectives on turning everyday business interactions into profitable opportunities for innovation.

Strategic Pricing

October 27, 2016 I've been working with a new client recently on digging into costs; however, we aren't taking the traditional cost cutting approach.  Of course, the more efficient and less costs required to run a manufacturing operation, the better, assuming customer service, cash and other metrics remain intact. [...]

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Profit Drivers

The key to success isn't to think about profit but instead to think about profit drivers. What business isn't interested in profit? None I can think of - even non-profit businesses need to be concerned about whether they'll come out "a wash". I find that the key to success [...]

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