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Importance of External Relationships in the Supply Chain

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Expert Lisa Anderson, MBA, CSCP, CLTD, president of LMA Consulting Group Inc. joins a panel of supply chain experts from the Society for the Advancement of Consulting (SAC) Global Supply Chain Special Interest Group to discuss the importance of external relationships in the supply chain.

SAC: Consulting Society Announces Consulting Award Winners

Lisa Anderson, co-executive direct of SAC recognized this year’s Advancing Consulting Awards winners of the Corrie Shanahan Memorial Award for Advancing Consulting.

The Value of Reconnecting: Should We Jump All In With In-Person?

During the pandemic, we were all stuck in our houses. As the majority of people have been vaccinated, people are on vacation. Every client has at least one if not multiple people on vacation. In addition, in-person events are starting to ramp back up. There is a value in [...]

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The Critical Importance of Leadership

Are you paying attention to your leaders? You better! There is vast disruption. People are getting frustrated and tired of the coronavirus. Employees are anxious about the election and unrest. There are issues around the globe. Our best clients are on top of what's going on with their people [...]

Are You Checking in On Your Network?

Have You Checked in with Your Customers? Although we are starting to see a few more trips and meetings, most clients are staying put. How are you checking in on your customers? Hopefully we haven’t forgotten how to use the phone. Although Zoom meetings can be quite effective, with [...]

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My Favorite Pre-COVID Travel Destination & Keeping Up-to-Date

As my long-term newsletter subscribers know, I enjoy traveling. Of course, during lockdown, I haven't even gone to visit my Mom in Arizona since you never know what unintended germs you might bring along for the ride. Thus, I thought I'd go back to my favorite recent (within the [...]

The Value of Diversity

Diversity has always been core to success. Are you gaining different viewpoints? It has certainly been proven that deliberately bringing diverse viewpoints into projects and teams will lead to greater levels of success. Men will have different perspectives than women. People with different nationalities and backgrounds will bring different [...]

Do You Have a Network?

Do you have a network of people you can go to for answers, help, introductions, and more? My network is not only very important to my business but it is also very important for my personal life. Starting with business, I can definitely say that LMA Consulting's success is [...]

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Are You Likable and the Impact It Makes

Several situations have arisen lately that made me think about the importance of whether you are likeable. First of all, let's just say that in consulting, if you aren't likeable, you won't be around very long.

Clearing the Mind for Innovation & the Santa Barbara Coastline

I recently attended a CEO retreat in Santa Barbara. We talked about both our business goals as well as our personal goals and spent two half-days enjoying the area. I took the opportunity to clear my mind so that I could think innovatively.
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