The Critical Importance of Leadership

Are you paying attention to your leaders? You better! There is vast disruption. People are getting frustrated and tired of the coronavirus. Employees are anxious about the election and unrest. There are issues around the globe. Our best clients are on top of what's going on with their people [...]

Immediate Strategy to Thrive in Supply Chain During the Pandemic

Do you want to be Amazon or Sears? Sears used to be the Amazon of its time, but they failed to change with the times. There is little life left in this former powerhouse of retail. On the other hand, Amazon continues to evolve and is clearly doing quite [...]

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Gain a Strategic Focus on Quality IF Customers are Important

People and companies have more choices than ever before. If you wish to remain in the race, quality must be more than an assumption; it must become a strategic focus.

3 Takeaways from the Drucker Supply Chain Forum

The Drucker Supply Chain Forum engages a diverse group of supply chain experts to not only discuss trends and potential global disruptions, but also core values, employee engagement and careers in supply chain, logistics and distribution.
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Observe to Rule the Roost

Sometimes the productive road to performance improvement is to just observe and ask questions. From observation, ideas emerge, issues pop out and you can take directed action to make positive change. It is interesting how effective the powers of observation can be! Take a step back and observe what [...]

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Sticking to Priorities

December 8, 2015 Sticking to priorities is always important; however, it can be especially challenging during the holiday season as there are so many demands on our time. For example, today I had a key priority that had to be completed for a client. I knew it would take [...]

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Why the Best of the Best Use Eagle Eye Focus

The most successful business people keep an eagle eye focus on a top priority or passion. As I’ve been thinking about what my most successful clients have in common, I continually see the value of eagle eye focus. Tonight I attended the Spirit of the Entrepreneur, which is the [...]

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Put Your Eagle Eye on What’s Key to Success-Leadership

Effective and successful leaders have the ability to formulate a company vision and also translate that vision into execution. Leadership will make or break your business. Put your eagle eye on ensuring success in this arena and you’ll thrive. The two core tasks of a leader are 1) to set strategy, [...]

Supply Chain Metrics

Do you have your finger on the right metrics for benchmarking your company’s performance? SCOR methodology may help you take a more strategic approach. As I sat in a SCOR training class to learn more about the Supply Chain Operations Reference model which provides the executive level viewpoint on [...]

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An IT Roadmap

Creating an IT roadmap shouldn’t be all about the bells and whistles of the system, but rather on the technology that supports the strategy and business objectives. Ever heard about 1's and 0's as it relates to computers? That level of detail is often what I see with systems. [...]

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